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Measuring the Pros and Cons of Social Consciousness

Professor Vanessa Burbano examines evidence that can guide a firm’s decision to speak out — or stay silent.

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Professor Abby Joseph Cohen on Developing a Thoughtful Approach to Economic Data

In a shifting economy, Professor Cohen shares her insights on everything from evaluating economic reports to scrutinizing new technologies.

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Successful Value Investing: Finding Gems Amid the Junk

Andrew Wellington and Dan Kaskawits of Lyrical Asset Management, recent guests on the popular Value Investing with Legends podcast, discuss the strategies behind their successful value investing portfolio. 

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Columbia Business School Launches Yearlong Celebration of Black Excellence

The 100/50: Embracing Our Legacy campaign honors the 100th anniversary of the first matriculated Black student and the 50th anniversary of the Black Business Students Association.

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Joseph Stiglitz on Business, Inequality and the Case for an Economists’ Hippocratic Oath

The Nobel Prize-winning economist visited CBS for the first installment of a new speaker series from The Hub, a new think tank, to discuss the future of capitalism with CBS Dean Emeritus Glenn Hubbard.

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Revamping the Finance Curriculum to Prepare Future Leaders

In the sparkling new buildings at Columbia Business School, the revamped finance curriculum will get continuous updates aligned with modern markets and careers.

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Inside the Mind of a VC Investor

Angela W. Lee, faculty director at the Lang Center, shares advice on how to excel as a venture capital investor. As interest in venture capital steadily grows among business students, top-tier academic institutions are expanding course offerings to meet demand.

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Investment in Carbon Removal Technologies Just Hit an Inflection Point

A panel at the 2022 Climate Conference underscores a dramatic revving up of demand for a technological niche.

Spotlight Articles

Carbon Dioxide as a Risky Asset

Gernot Wagner

Working Paper | February 10, 2023

Market Consequences of Sovereign Accounting Errors

Shivaram Rajgopal

Journal Article | January 3, 2023

Synthetically Controlled Bandits

Ciamac Moallemi

Working Paper | December 22, 2022

A Theory of Fiscal Responsibility and Irresponsibility

Pierre Yared

Working Paper | December 20, 2022

The Endowment Model and Modern Portfolio Theory

Neng Wang

Working Paper | November 15, 2022

Formalizing the Informal: Adopting a Formal Culture-fit Measurement System in the Employee Selection Process

Wei Cai

Journal Article | August 11, 2022

Expert Voices

The Technology Skills Every Employee Should Have Today

"There is no debate as to whether technology is not just an enabler, but is really a driver of disruption, of change, of value, within organizations. And as a result, [there] needs to be some core knowledge that people need to bring with them, even if they’re not going to be technologists themselves.”

Costis Maglaras headshot

Costis Maglaras

Dean, David and Lyn Silfen Professor of Business

We Need to Reconsider the Capital Regulation of Banks

"The problem is that the situation we are in right now, and I think this is what folks maybe didn’t fully recognize, 37 percent of bank assets are financed with uninsured deposits. We are talking about nine trillion dollars in the system.”

Tomasz Piskorski headshot

Tomasz Piskorski

Edward S. Gordon Professor of Real Estate

After Norfolk Derailment, Biden Wants More Funding for the EPA

"There is such a backlog that very little of this is ‘oh additional money we can do all these amazing additional things.’ And in order to spend the money we need the regulatory capacity to do so. EPA is the lead agency for these environmental reviews and it takes money and staff to speed up that process."

Gernot Wagner headshot

Gernot Wagner

Professor of Economics 

Health Professionals Wonder about Future of COVID Drugs as Federal Funding Wanes

A pivot by drugmakers to selling their COVID treatments on the commercial market is a realistic scenario, according to Carri Chan of Columbia Business School. “These are new medications. We are years away from having cheap, generic options. And so for those without insurance, it becomes inaccessible,” Chan said.

Carri Chan Image

Carri Chan

John A. Howard Professor of Business, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

Quick Takes

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Silicon Valley Bank, Tech, and Entrepreneurship

 “The tech sector was overheated. The Crypto market has been embroiled in fraud and defaults. SVB and banks catering to tech companies were in trouble. There will be a negative impact on the tech industry, but the fitter companies will emerge."

- Professor Suresh Sundaresan

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The E and S of ESG

"The recent trend [for ESG] is more on E and S because G is directly related to shareholder interests and has been defined for decades, but E and S are new...DEI is within S for example, and it's not only good for shareholders, but also for employees and customers, and the newer generation really cares about it."

- Professor Wei Cai

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Greenwashing: Why is It So Common and How Can We Combat It? 

"Policing labels, both in marketing and finance, is a huge task...we may need a "Yelp" to crowdsource grassroots level consumer data on green washing related to specific brands. We may also need a "Consumer Reports" to sort through good and bad brands on the greenwashing dimension."

 - Professor Shiva Rajgopal

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Thriving Under Pressure

Nearly all students experience stress as they pursue important academic goals. Because stress can be magnified for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, it becomes important to identify interventions that can help mitigate this stress.

-Professor Modupe Akinola

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