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Credit Information in Earnings Calls

Harry Mamaysky

Working Paper | February 6, 2023

Issues Revisited from Rumelt’s (1974) “Diversification, Strategy & Performance”

Kathryn Harrigan

Journal Article | July 21, 2022

The End of Tourist Traps: A Natural Experiment on the Impact of Tripadvisor on Quality Upgrading

Dante Donati

Journal Article | July 15, 2022

Principles of Strategy: A Practice-Based View

Kathryn Harrigan, James Gorman

Journal Article | February 7, 2022

Strategy Faculty in the Media

Faculty Member
Michael Weinberg

Biggest Hedge Funds Will Keep Lion's Share of Customers in 2023, Data Shows

Faculty Member
Shang-Jin Wei

Can China Save Its Economic Miracle?

Faculty Member
Ariella Kristal

Worried About a Gap in Your Resume? This Small Tweak Could Result in More Job Callbacks

Faculty Member
Dan Wang

MBA Programs Must Adapt to Navigate American Culture Wars