SESSION 5: Lightning Talks - Columbia CryptoEconomics Workshop 12.01.2022

• MEV and Strategic Reorg Attacks – Matt Weinberg, Princeton University

• Distributed Consensus – Jiasun Li, George Mason University

• Designing Multi-dimensional Blockchain Fee Markets – Theo Diamandis, MIT / Bain Capital Crypto

• Blockspace Derivatives – Julian Ma, Ethereum Foundation

• Frontrunning Risk and Miner Extractable Value – Agostino Capponi, Columbia Engineering

• MEV and credible commitments – Xinyuan Sun, Flashbots

• Building as blockspace refinement – Alex Stokes, Ethereum Foundation

• Censorship resistance in Ethereum – Francesco D’Amato, Ethereum Foundation

• The Relationship Between Scale and Security – Fahad Saleh, Wake Forest University

• Puffer: Towards Trustless Stake Pools – Jason Vranek, Portal


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