Following the dramatic shocks and adjustments of the pandemic, many areas of the global economy and financial markets may be moving towards a more normal state. But what does an economy back in balance look like in a post-pandemic world? 

In this episode of Bizcast, we will delve into a recent conversation between CBS Professors Abby Joseph Cohen and Pierre Yared.

During a recent event hosted by the Jerome A. Chazen Institute for Global Business, Professor Cohen, a retired partner and US Chief Investment Strategist at Goldman Sachs, and Professor Yared, the MTB Professor of International Business in the Economics Division at Columbia Business School, addressed this significant and complex question. 

The two explored whether central bankers are considering a change in policy direction, the impact of consumer and business confidence, and why analyzing and understanding the real return of the business cycle is crucial for both the US and the global economy. They also touch upon whether China's economy can recover post-pandemic and the ramifications it has had on China's real estate and trading industry.

Listen to the podcast using the link above, or watch the full discussion here:


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