In the latest issue of Columbia Business magazine we highlight the amazing collection of art postcards on Professor Tano Santos’s office wall, located on the 7th floor of Henry R. Kravis Hall.

How many of the works of art were you able to identify?

Here’s our list:

  1. Bayeux Tapestry, Unknown
  2. View of the Garden of the Villa Medici, Diego Velázquez
  3. David, Michelangelo
  4. The Last Judgment, Michelangelo
  5. Libyan Sibyl, Michelangelo
  6. Study to The Libyan Sibyl, Michelangelo
  7. Delphic Sibyl, Michelangelo
  8. Sibyls, Raphael
  9. Niccolò Mauruzi da Tolentino at the Battle of San Romano, Paolo Uccello
  10. Road with Cypress and Star, Vincent van Gogh
  11. Portrait of a Young Man, Raphael
  12. The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci
  13. The Deposition, Raphael
  14. School of Athens, Raphael
  15. Miracle of the Relic of the Cross at the Ponte di Rialto, also known as The Healing of the Madman, Vittore Carpaccio
  16. View of Houses in Delft, known as ‘The Little Street,’ Unknown
  17. Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, Rembrandt
  18. Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, Rembrandt
  19. Harlequin leaning, Pablo Picasso
  20. A Maid Asleep, Johannes Vermeer
  21. A Boy Blowing on an Ember to Light a Candle, El Greco
  22. The Polish Rider, Rembrandt
  23. Self-Portrait, Albrecht Dürer
  24. Portrait of a Cardinal, Raphael
  25. House by the Railroad,  Edward Hopper
  26. View of Delft, Johannes Vermeer
  27. The Calling of St. Matthew, Caravaggio
  28. Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma, Rubens
  29. Atalanta and Hippomenes, Guido Reni
  30. Philip II of Spain, Antonis Mor
  31. Aesop, Diego Velázquez
  32. View of Madrid, Antonio López
  33. View of Toledo, El Greco
  34. Martyrdom of St. Maurice and His Legions, El Greco
  35. Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx, Joachim Patinir
  36. Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid, Diego Velázquez
  37. The Dog, Francisco de Goya
  38. Charles IV of Spain and His Family, Francisco de Goya
  39. The Ideal City, Piero della Francesca (formerly attributed to Francesco Laurana and Melozzo da Forli)
  40. St. Augustine in His Study, Vittore Carpaccio
  41. Mistress and Maid, Johannes Vermeer
  42. Goldsmith seen from three sides, Lorenzo Lotto