In this episode of Bizcast, we return to a mid-2023 visit to the Manhattanville campus by Chris Wiggins, professor of applied mathematics and systems biology at Columbia University, to speak about his new book, How Data Happened, co-authored with Matthew Jones, the James R. Barker Professor of Contemporary Civilization.

In the book, Wiggins explains that the technologies shaping our daily realities—from facial recognition for flight check-ins to automated decision systems for loan approvals or bail determinations—didn’t appear overnight. 

While the relevance and impact of these technologies may feel novel and unfamiliar, he argues they have rich and detailed histories spanning centuries and the globe. That's precisely what his book documents. 

Wiggins joined Professor Bruce Kogut in a discussion hosted at Dear Mama Coffee in Manhattanville, part of the School’s Business, AI, and Democracy series.

Listen to the podcast using the link above, or read more about the event here.



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